All is now

All is Now
Installation at ALSCO textile service building, 5 West 4th Avenue Vancouver BC, 2015.

This mysterious fur vault of a commercial laundry facility has not been used for a very long period of time and never been open to public, but has been kept as is since the last day of its service in early 1980’s. With support of ALSCO textile service, and ISEA2015, The space was transformed into an intimate site specific audio visual installation by Khan Lee. In collaboration with Andrew Lee of Holy Hum, eight channel original sound track was composed. Roaming audience in the space can experience different mix of the sound track based on their distance to these eight source of sound.

40 units of simple analog motion control circuits (PID) with focus-able colored LED spotlights in different interval detects movement of each audience to  illuminate the space and mix shadows of existing structures. The audience’s reaction to the audio composition translates to the light cast pattern. With no audience in the space, all eventually turns back to complete darkness. using simple technology from 60’s, this installation focuses more on content and expression of interactivity, and  suggest a new way of looking at an interactive art as a whole.

Improvised from the key note of the Dry cleaning machine on site(out of service but still fully operational),each component of the sound track plays from various type/vintage of amp/speakers to celebrates moments from the past with voices of many current local musicians.